Jupyter Notebook and GDP Datasets

Initial commit: October 4, 2023

🚀 jupyter-world-gdp

This is a work-in-progress interactive Jupyter Notebook demonstrating visualizations of global GDP over time, pulled in from a recent Kaggle dataset: World GDP by Country, Region, and Income Group, 1960-2022.

🔵 Jupyter Notebook

spacies, a Space Invaders clone in Rust and Python

Initial commit: October 4, 2023

🚀 spacies

As part of the culminating project for Nathan Stocks' Ultimate Rust certification course on Udemy, I programmed a Space Invaders clone in Rust that runs in the terminal, and I coded all the music and sfx using Python's SciPy and NumPy libraries, concatenating sine wave functions at various frequencies and durations to set the atmosphere.

🟠 Rust

Simple Harmonic Motion Problems in Julia using DifferentialEquations.jl and Pluto

Initial commit: November 22, 2022

🚀 harmonic.jl

A code-along from doggo dot jl in Julia, using Pluto Notebook, to demonstrate interactive simulations of Newtonian physics with dials, sliders, and tinkerability.

🟣 Julia

Write The Docs French Machine Translation

Initial commit: November 20, 2022

🚀 writethedocs_guide_fr

An open-source French translation for the Write The Docs community guide. This translated guide has yet to be implemented, having led to a community block regarding the implementation of a localization CI/CD pipeline for the website, without which, updating the documentation across languages would become an act of juggling cats, sadly.

⚖️ reStructuredText (RST Markup)

Sootynemm homepage in Franklin.jl

Initial commit: October 23, 2022

🚀 julia

The website you are currently accessing, deployed with static site generator Julia library Franklin.jl, designed with the intent to facilitate the publication of technical blogs delivered with light, fast-loading pages.

🟣 Julia

CC BY-SA 4.0 Jay Miller. Last modified: October 21, 2023. Website built with Franklin.jl and the Julia programming language.